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About The Newsletter

The Product Weekly Digest newsletter is now at it's 20th edition.Every Friday, we send you 3 products that are useful for makers and creators. Most of the time, these products are actually MADE by makers as well.Our goal is to provide you with a short, easy and useful read every week.Oh and we try to stay away from "#1 products of the week" which you probably have already seen on PH.

About The Studio

The creator and maker economy is like the Wild West right now. Making amazing products and content has become the easiest part for creators. Thanks to no-code tools and easy-to-use design software, you can launch almost anything in 48 hours, by yourself and with no coding or design skills.The real challenge now is distribution. With thousands of new products, services and content being produced every day, creators know that starting and growing your user-base or audience is the hardest.Pony Express builds tools and services to help creators and makers launch and grow their audience or user base.Our core skills are web development, product management and marketing, allowing us to invent and ship marketing-oriented products and services to creators.



Thibault is a web developer with a growth and product mindset. He's been a founder before, as well as a CTO for a marketing automation company.Thibault's an active member of the maker community. He Tweets regularly about his work within Pony Express and loves to engage with his followers.


Thomas has over 10 years experience in product management, marketing and entrepreneurship.Thomas is obsessed with products and trends. He visits Product Hunt 5 times a day and subscribes to +/- 100 maker and business ideas newsletters.

Our Products

Tweet Hunter

Powered by AIThe all-in-one Twitter growth tool for people who want to build an engaged audience that turns into sales.

  • Over 1M viral tweets on any topic

  • An AI writing assistant

  • An advanced tweet & thread scheduler

  • Powerful automations


Drive more opportunities from LinkedIn.
Create better LinkedIn content, schedule your posts at the right time, build new relationships and monitor all your results.


Helping makers and founders find relevant online communities where they can post about their products.


Helping makers boost their engagement and conversion rates with dynamic product screen recordings.

Tweet Butler Digest

Helping active Twitter users grow their accounts with AI-generated audience analysis and Tweet suggestions.


A collection of 100+ successful self promotion posts on Reddit. Helping makers understand how to properly approach online communities.


Massively extract local business data from Google Maps. Ideal to generate new local business leads.

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PRODUCT WEEKLY DIGEST by Pony ExpressDiscover 3 helpful products for makers & creators. Every week.

Join 6045 other makers and founders

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